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An association of creative people coming together from the diverse fields of the arts.  Entrepreneurs whose sole purpose is to share their creative talents and services with a selective, and captive audience for marketing, networking, career service, showcases, exhibitions, launch new products, cultural programs, and so much more!  The members are able to benefit and grow by receiving critiques, direction, support, encouragement and also by exchanging ideas and concepts with fellow members.  Membership for the Collective involves a one-time fee of $35.00 for the year

Talent Agencies
Hair Stylists



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PSCOTT IMAGES is a 25 year award-winning visual, beauty, fashion, and image-making company for TV, stage, film, and print.  Under the artistic direction of PSCOTT., the business has become a thriving manufacturer; distributor and marketer of not only loungewear, skin and bath care products, but also luxurious hand-crafted gifts, greeting cards, home fragrances, and decorative collectibles.  The company has established an impressive track record with some of the leading entertainment superstars, celebrities, directors, designers, producers, cosmetic companies and schools of artistic thought.

The company showroom is located in Chelsea, Manhattan with product placement in Harlem and key cultural areas in New York City such as Soho, East Village, Fort Greene, Park Slope, and Bedford Stuyvesant.

Photographer - Marc A.


  Advisory Committee  

Darcel Kennedy, HBO Executive Assistant/TV Talent Coordinator, Keith Gunthrop Casting Director, Jerry Jordan Brown – Fashion Producer/Artistic Director, Robert E. Knight – Designer/Founder of Knight Wear Collection, Bryant McAllister- Actor/Voice Over Artist, CC Antoinette-Comedian/Actress, James Davis – Model/Actor, Lenny Green – Host/Radio Personality of 98.7 KISS FM, Jim Carroll, Fashion/Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer






 Arts  Style


Arts Collective Special Performance by Bryant McAllister -

Bryan K. Osburn

Custom Made to Order



Body Wash











Harlem Rum Collection

Cologne and After Shave Splash For Men
Harlem Rum is a masculine fragrance with a blend of warm and woody herbal, invigorating notes of bay, black currant, bergamot, jasmine, and Egyptian sandlewood.  It refreshes the skin as a toner and can be used as an all over body splash.  Our most successful fragrance since 2006.  Set 2 fl. oz. $65







James Davis

TOP MODEL is the Talent Relations/ Marketing Director, who offers sound advice, insight and marketing solutions to new and emerging model-type TALENT in the tri-state area.  James Davis has been actively modeling for twenty years, working with Ford Models Inc. for ten of those years.  A native New Yorker, James has endorsed, a myriad of major national commercials and print campaigns from BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Coca Cola, to Applebee's.  He has done a number of runway shows here in the U.S., and abroad for top designers.  Still modeling, James is embarking on an acting and feature film writing career.

The New York Talent Association, where James serves as the Talent Relations/Marketing Director, is a 20 year image making and marketing enterprise for up and coming talent between the ages of 16-25 years old with partner PSCOTT.  For casting and further details, contact 212-690-4347 between 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM.







PSCOTT Face Style Powder Natural Face Colour Cosmetics




Arts Style Design Collective

Past Participants

Partial List



· Alvin Alexis

· Kim Moran Weston

· James Davis

· Robbyn Kaamil

· Jerome Preston Bates

· O.L. Duke

· Claude Jay

· Cecilia Antoinette

· Jonathon White

· Howard Kelly

· Andre Dell

· Bryant McAllister



· Robert E. Knight

· Bryan K. Osborne

· Moshood

· James Livingston

· Terez Fleetwood

· Pizarro Coutour

· Epperson Design

· Kofi Brown

· Loretta James

· Kennis Baptiste

· Carolyn Adams

· Carlton D. Bembry

· Mr. Andrew

· Wayne Tyson

· Austin Alexis

· Sadikisha Collier

· Peter Tsknas

· Jewel Winfield

· Sharon Quinn

· Craig/China Arnold

· Karen Daley

· Eric Drake

· Radames Fernandez

  Annette Taylor



· Gregory Jackson

· John Hayley

· Jeffrey Taylor

· Ripp Bowman

· Salimah Ali
  Nathaniel Adams
  Steve Durham


* Past PSCOTT Model Search Winners

· Geoffrey Miller

· Veretta

· Jim Carroll

· Rashad Clinton

· James Davis

· Ski McKay

· Lennis Guess

  Darryl Ford


· Pookie*

· Manuel Gordon

· Kareem Lovejoy

· Geoffrey Yann

· Minerva John

· Dujuan Lopez

· Jose Montalvo*

· Natalie Velasquez*

· Tomy Velez

· Isaac Brown*

· Aaliyah Bland*

· Ron Mellow

· Tony Thai*

· Alfred

· Jessica B.*

· Dominguez

· Uche

· Patrick S.

· Marcel

· Angelo Boyke*

· Eda Francois

· Alice




· Jerry Jordan Brown

· Carmelita Frazier

· Darcel Kennedy

· The Arthur

· Margaux Jones

· Bernard Brown

· Garrette Fortner

· Keith Gunthrop

· Lenny Green

· Brenda Washington

· Kevin Hernandez

· Mack Sims

· Eda Francois











Bryant McAllister

Man of God! Bryant McAllister Collegiate football standout, Former radio disc jockey(WDUQ 90.5 NPR Jazz Through The Night Host) Fitness specialist and personal trainer, has various theatrical and television and commercial print credits to his name, as well as industrial and commercial voiceover credits. Bryant's most recent work include theatrical productions include:: To Kill a Mockingbird where he played "Tom Robinson", Exonerated where played the role of "David", Lee Blessing's work, Good Clean Fun, where he performed as "Denby", he also performed in a one man show (The Psalms).







Giselle Quietfire May

Giselle Quietfire May is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and has been working as a photographer since 1979.  The body of her work stretches from her coverage of the Black Rock Coalition, to her image documentation of modern fashion and Native American powwows. Publications of her work appear in the book Right To Rock: The Black Rock Coalition and the Cultural Politics of Race by Maureen Mahon (2004 Duke University Press), and her work has also been published in the New York Daily News, the Village Voice, Guitar Player, Black Elegance and New Word Magazine.  May is also a jewelry and beadwork designer, specializing in contemporary Native American designs.  She has also danced at various powwows and performed at many New York City public schools.  As an educator, May teaches arts and crafts to middle school students in the New York City area.








MYSTIK MODEL ENTERTAINMENT is the face of today.  Founded by Timothy Williams, the Executive Director.  Our talent agency provides talent with family oriented support, image development and marketing.  Our appeal is being able to adapt to the cultural demands of the diverse ethnic markets in New York City.  We provide growth and precision placement for talent in the entertainment industry.
For further inquiries, send an email to





  Lennis Guess

Lennis Guess is from Norfolk, Virginia but has lived in New York City for the past 25 years. He hasrecorded one Rhythm & Blues album entitled "I Can't Leave Your Love Alone," and also two gospel CD's entitled, "Thinking About Jesus" and "Spiritual Warfare." He has also produced a cable TV show called "Spirit Train," and five musical plays on Off Off Broadway:


His most recent project is a movie in which he wrote, produced, directed & starred in called
You can visit his website at



Andre Dell

Andre Dell
studied under the mentorship of Starletta Dupois, Harry Poe, John Basil ,Tina Satin and  at present, with the esteemed Petronia Paley.  A past member of the “Positive Youth Troupe,”  Andre's off-off Broadway productions include youthful characters via the roles of Pickaninny, Petey Joe, Ice P and Wazir Abdullah Washington, in Sabura Rashid's "Greener Grasses," and the rap musical “Lemuel,” directed by the legendary Andre DeShields.  Andre performed “Silvius” in “As You Like It” and “Chet” in “Vandals,” at the American Globe Theatre.  He also performed in “The Red House on the Clay Hill” at New York University.  His television credits comprise  “The Guiding Light,” “Law and Order," and a host of music videos and commercials.   David D Wright's "Shango" marked Andre’s return to the stage, which was nominated for six awards, and was awarded Best Choreography at the Audelco Awards Ceremony in November 2006.  Andre is the division leader of the performing arts for AYA-ERE, a non-profit youth organization.  He has conducted acting workshops and also produced the play “REAL” at the Harlem Karate School as well as the fashion show  “Black By Design”.  Andre is most proud of the play he produced, “Black Man Rising,”  by James Chapmyn  that won four Audelco Awards in November 2007, including  “Production of the Year.”



Gregory Jackson

As an artist and a photographer Gregory Jackson is very intense and passionate about the subject matter. He tries to unveil another aspect of his subject. That is one of the reason he likes portraits. He tries to interact and become one with the subject. When that happen he can communicate an intimate detail, an inner beauty, or a previous  unknown  about the person through his images. Gregory Jackson believes that photography is an art form beyond the understanding of most people, meaning not because you can take a good picture does not make you an artist or a photographer.

                              Photo by Gregory Jackson



Nathaniel Adams Photography

Nathaniel is the official photographer for PSCOTT IMAGES.  He has covered our bridal showcases, model searches, and fashions shows.  His objective is to first please the client, review the minutest details, and capture the true spirit of our events.  He has been a professional for 15 years, shooting fashion, editorial, lifestyle and portraiture.  He can be reached at  He is recommended very highly for any photo assignment.









Introduces his new inspirational greeting card line.


Top underwear model Ike Love is introducing his brand new collection of a dozen hand-crafted collectible greeting cards that inspire on a number of different levels: the mind; the spirit; and the visual.  The cards combine Ike Love's unique image with his unique words of wisdom.  Below is a sample of some of the greeting cards that he is selling.


For further details about the purchase of greeting cards, you can email him at














PSCOTT Lounge Wear


 The PSCOTT Signature Private Collection is a 100% cotton separates for men and women.  The fit gives pleasure to the wearer and is popular because of the interchangeable casual, loose-fitting and body contouring shapes that enhance all body types.   The collection includes caftans, long johns, shorts, draw-string pants, briefs, boxers, nightwear, robes, jackets, t-shirts and sarongs.  Dressy or casual, PSCOTT aesthetics run the gambit.  Prices upon request.








Link to Membership Application

Link to Exhibition Agreement





Arts Style Design COLLECTIVE

Upcoming Events*


Saturday, October 9, '10   7:00 - 9:00PM
Understanding Your Image, Type and Range
Gain first hand experience and insight into the entertainment/fashion industry.  Meet invaluable contacts and learn information to push your career to the NEXT level.  Discover how to market your IMAGE, TYPE and RANGE.  Enhance your personal way of dressing for success!  Moderated by Andre Dell, Award Winning Producer, Director, Actor.  Industry Panelist includes: Keith Gunthrop, Legit/Commercial Casting Director; Anthony Jones, Public Relations, Negro Ensemble Company; James Davis, Top Ford Model/Actor; and Anthony De Leaver, Celebrity Makeup Artist/Image Maker.

Saturday,, October 30, '10    7:30 - 9:30PM (Showcase 8PM)
Special Welcome Membership Event
Enjoy an evening of MEETING CREATIVE PEOPLE, talking fashion, discover new products and services.  Products will be for SALE. Featuring  Perfectly Chocolate Hot Cocoa Men Showcase. 

Friday, November 19, '10  7:00 - 9:30PM (Showcase 8PM)
PSCOTT Underwear for Men and Women

Catch a live fashion Underwear SHOWCASE by PSCOTT.  Participate in our Annual Limited Edition Collectible Sales and Auction.  Prints, posters, photography, jewelry, fashion and home décor items by members of the Arts, Style Design Collective.

Date: TBA '10    7:00 - 9:30PM (Showcase 8PM)
Poetry.  Fashion.  Music.  In-Style Drama Ensemble - Black Majic: Words that speak to the spirit.  Performance, Live Music and Fashion Showcase
Actor and Musicians to be announced.  Introducing PSCOTT Resort Collection for Men and Women

 *Dates subject to change!

Thank you for your interest in the PSCOTT IMAGES Arts Style Design Collective.  The Arts Collective is designed for people like yourself who want to expedite their dreams, launch new products, expand existing ventures or explore the possibility of creativity and entrepreneurship in their lives.  The Art Collective provides opportunities to individuals at any stage of their creative lives.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Peace and Love


P.S. Get involved.  We’re in need of committed people to become a part of The PSCOTT Arts Style Design Collective.  You can serve as a graphic designer photographer, spokesmodel, and wardrobe assistant at events.  If you plan to attend any events and would like to get involved, please 212.690.4347 or email us at







PSCOTT IMAGES · P.O. BOX 2549 · New York, NY 10108 ·212.690.4347


Darryl Melton

Darryl Melton has been involved in the entertainment field for well over 20 years.  In 1985, he started promoting R&B, Pop and Reggae artists at various venues throughout New York City.  He quickly became fascinated with their talents and used video production as a means of promotion.  Eventually he parlayed this interest into an on location TV show called the "SPOTLIGHT."  The show consisted of live performances from unknown artists as well as known such as: The Manhattans, Ray Goodman and Brown to name a few.  His relentless pursuit to stay innovative and creative has led him to Manhattan Neighbourhood Network studios, where he now produces a weekly TV show called, "The Next Level."  The television show features entertainers, producers, designers, entrepreneurs, dancers, artists, poets, models, writers, and musicians, providing them an opportunity to share their options, accomplishments, and goals in the entertainment industry.  It is shown throughout the tri-state area as well as on the internet.